Digital and festival: the right mix

As you know, La Digital Tech Conference has international ambitions, with speakers from different horizons, both literally and figuratively. An open outlook is not optional when you’re talking about music and innovation.



#Trans2015 avec Her , Clarence Clarity, 3somesisters, Georgia …

The entire Digital Tech Conference team is delighted to see an event taking place in the region, having sowed the first seeds of it before the summer. Projects grow in Rennes, … even when the temperature drops!

“Zoom forward” to infinity… and beyond

In 2014, the Transmusicales attracted over 64,000 spectators, once again beating their attendance record. Even though the context is different at the end of this year, the thirty-year-old festival is the ideal opportunity for mixing the styles.

Unlike other similar events, Digital Tech Conference builds on the Trans Musicales but does not emanate from the festival: «The Trans Musicales are different from the South by Southwest and the Sonar : we didn’t aim to go towards the digital, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying having this extra territory to explore” » explained the festival’s founder, Béatrice Macé.

Digital Tech or Trans Musicales, we all speak the same language. Béatrice Macé continues: « The initial discussions immediately showed that we had a common perspective. Digital Tech Conference’s watchword zoom forward — — is in line with the Trans stance: taking an interest in something that hasn’t yet happened, being curious… We liked this affinity in the content and the relationship was built around this “zoom forward”. The Trans has no need to prove its ability to discover the talents of the future, so we’re hoping for the same success in the digital sphere!

Movement on the stave lines

Musical creation has learned to seize the opportunities generated by digital technology, , as has the Opéra de Rennes (a partner to La Digital Tech Conference), in the words of Rozenn Chambard: “Technological innovation has always been the driving force behind its development. Today, digital technology has raised issues in the same way that the great innovations brought about by the industrial revolution did in the past. Already, famous artistes bring to the Opera House all the resources of the new technologies and the great breakaways of the digital era. There are never any frontiers for the arts which, like ours, see creation as part of an ever more imaginative search..”

With regard to connected objects, we hear the same enthusiastic response from the Groupe La Poste (a partner to La Digital Tech Conference), which has a sound grasp of the subject: “The development of the IoT sector is one of the major strategic issues for La Poste. An innovation support programme, ‘French IoT’, combining start-ups and manufacturers, was launched in 2015 to develop innovative connected objects and services and provide our users with added value in their uses”.

Finally, the programme for Thursday should be of interest! The chemistry between the digital and new technologies and music has been proven beyond doubt: in Brittany already, our friends from the West Web Festival have managed to successfully mix the styles … It’s now up to us!