Digital Tech: imminent take-off

This year, in addition to the traditional December music and tinsel, La French Tech Rennes St Malo is offering a one-day international conference to talk about music industry and internet of things. This ambitious programme would not have been possible without the enthusiasm of our partners.

L'Opéra de Rennes, partenaire de la Digital Tech

Rennes Opera House – Photo: Franck Galbrun


In the capital of Brittany, as elsewhere, December is the time to get ready for the festive season. But in Rennes, we’ve raised the bar a little higher: since 1980, les Transmusicales has been warming hearts and souls numbed by the cold. What are you doing on December 3rd?

Innovation: combining business with pleasure

La Digital Tech Conference has been designed as a day for discovery, discussion and entertainment. Coming out of sheer curiosity? You’ll be welcome: Digital Tech will offer you an inspiring experience!

Or are you more pragmatic? Do you want to talk to like-minded professionals? Yann Amice, a meteorologist with Weather’n’Co (a partner of La Digital Tech Conference) totally approves the programme: « we’ll be at La Digital Tech Conference because we know the value of the discussions and contacts that take place at this type of event. We’ve been working with La French Tech Rennes St Malo since the Jacques Vabre Transatlantic Race and we’ll be using this new day to show the people of Rennes that they may encounter some surprising temperatures between the Opera House and the exhibition centre ». If you want a detailed weather forecast for the second night of the Trans Musicales, you now know where to find the information!

In short: Meet up in Rennes on December 3rd!

Rozenn Chambard, of the Opéra de Rennes (a partner of La Digital Tech Conference), puts forward an irrefutable argument: « taking part in La Digital Tech Conference means taking part in the first major La French Tech Rennes St Malo event in the magnificent setting of the Opera House, a key contributor to cultural innovation ». Join us tomorrow and you’ll be contributing directly to Rennes’ standing in the world of digital innovation!

She also notes the importance of the collaborative aspect of the event, which brings together the “flagship” stakeholders in Rennes: the Trans Musicales, Rennes Opera House and French Tech Rennes St Malo. La Digital Tech Conference stands at the crossroads of different worlds and is proof that the region is capable of persuading the historic players and “newcomers” to work together to create innovation and offer its visitors an overview of future trends!

If you can’t come, you can follow the day on Twitter: follow #DigitalTC.