9amArrival at the Opera with coffee / Discovering the workshops
10amOpening and welcome
10.15amKeynote / Salah Amer / Aldebaran Robotics
Play On
10.35amInterlude internet of things / Laurent Bernadac
3Dvarious, first electronic violin entirely printed in 3D
10.45am Panel / "Connected things: gadgets for "happy few" or useful services for daily life ?"
Moderator: François Cormier
Speakers: Christel Le Coq / B Sensory - Franck Cazenave / Expert Big data & automobile - Hervé Rannou / CityZen Data - Maxime Claval / Qivivo - Guillaume Rolland / SensorWake Vincent Corru
11.30amMusical interlude / Jules Hotrique / Dualo
11.40amKeynote / Yves Riesel / QOBUZ Five or six oddities about digital music I learnt along the way
12amEnd of the morning sessions
12.30pm / 1.45Surprise cocktail lunch
2pmDigiblind test interactive by DJ Zebra
2.20pmKeynote / Rudy De Waele / Shift2020
The Future of Connected Music
2.40pmKeynote / EZRA
'B-Glove' Illustrated lecture
3.10pmPanel / "Music and new technologies: make way for tailor-made solutions!"
Moderator: Christophe Crénel
Intervenants: Thierry Baujard / Just TemprationVincent Favrat / MusimapJari Muikku / Digital Media
4.30pmPanel / Starting a business in IoT, from theory to practice
Moderator: Hugues Meili
Speakers: Cédric Barbey / Une Jolie IdéeXavier Bonjour / 3D Sound Labs – Romain Flèche / Beyond Your Motion - Khaled Sarayeddine / Optinvent – Techno Lora
5.10pmConclusion by Thomas VDB
5.25pmMusical interlude / Lenparrot (Trans Musicales artist)
From 7.30pmPrivate shuttles departing from 'Place de la République' going towards the 'Parc Expo'.
Turnover at 8.30pm and 9.30pm
From 8pmVIP cocktail (Reception area, Hall 2)
9pmConcerts Rencontres Trans Musicales de Rennes Parc Expo
From 0.30pmShuttles from parking A (Parc Expo) going to 'Place de la République'.
Turnover at 1.30am and 2.30am